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Welcome to the website of S.A. Dog Training College and Kennels.
We have been involved with dog training for more than 30 years now, and are still as committed as ever to improving dogs’ lives.
We are a dog training school that works with humane methods only, never using force or cruel methods.


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Who we are!

S.A. Dog Training College & Kennels (SADTC) is a dog training school that was established in 1984 by Chris and Christine van der Westhuizen, a couple dedicated to teaching others how to encourage the best from their dogs. Our eldest daughter, Martinique has now retired from dog training and is a stable manageress and specialises in horse riding instructing. Biata, our youngest, is an ace handler, doing extremely well in all spheres of training and competition & is now becoming an instructor.

We firmly believe that any instructor / handler / owner using harsh methods, should not be involved with dogs or training, whatsoever! Using harsh methods is outdated and is not necessary.

Our prices are extremely reasonable - we have always said that if we ever do this for the financial gain alone we will not continue working with dogs and their welfare.

Why the S.A. Dog Training College & Kennels (SADTC) was established!

We noticed that there was a need for gentler training methods and a demand from dog owners for other courses besides obedience. In 1984, puppy socializing, agility, consultations, etc were hardly known to South Africans!
S.A. Dog Training College and Kennels (SADTC) brought these and many more courses into South Africa in a big way. Our dog school has led the way for humane methods of training, and have been pioneers of many methods being used today.

Aims of the S.A. Dog Training College and Kennels (SADTC):

  • Our dog training school aims to assist the dog owner with training their dog to be an enjoyable asset to the family, protecting them and giving much love as only a well behaved dog can do. To prevent dog bites especially attacks on children. The dogs are taught in a humane manner, which means that the dogs will be eager to please the family.
  • To train future instructors the above methods, (at present, there is no known school / organisation that trains instructors in S.A.)
  • To continue to be at the forefront of training and behaviour methods used.

If you like, we can give you names of many satisfied clients, veterinarians, and professors we work with. If the dogs could speak, we would give you their names too!

Other achievements:

  • We have trained many dogs and handlers up to the level of Obedience Champion
  • We have won the “Supreme Obedience Champion” at Dogmor Dog of the Year
  • Due to our protection work, many of our handler’s lives have been saved
  Puppy classes (from 8 weeks):  
Puppy socialising and basic puppy training are of vital importance for any puppy from 8 weeks of age. Puppy training is where the ground work for an obedient, well socialised dog is set and is probably one of the most important courses we offer.
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  Dog Agility Training & Dog Jumping  
Dog agility training and dog jumping with S.A. Dog Training College & Kennels is there to build the confidence of your dog, not only for competitions purposes.
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  Dog Protection  
Dog Protection training is there to train your dogs to protect you when no one else can for instance when involved in a hi-jacking, hold-up, gun attacks and attacks at home.
Our protection classes will train your dog to protect you when protection is needed.
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