Canine Country Club
Do your dogs need a holiday as much as you do? Well, why not send them to a kennelling facility where they can get some rest and relaxation, while you are enjoying your break at the same time?

Pet Spaza
At Pet Spaza we are not just pet owners, we are pet lovers! We love all animals – domesticated or wild; big or small; furry or smooth.

Disability Info SA

This FREE service is privately run & funded, we rely on advertising and donations to assist us to supply this free service. Please Support our Back-a-Buddy Campaign or contact us if you would like to advertise with us, or make a donation. Please also like us and comment on our facebook page if this information has been helpful.

Yorkie Rescue South Africa
NPC 2014 / 242124 / 08

YRSA was started in 2011 and registered as an NPC in 2014.

We support all Yorkies, whether they be lost, displaced, unwanted or removed from a puppy mill.

Our work is National so Yorkies are taken care of in most large cities and towns by Volunteers who are dedicated to the cause.

We have an Old Age Sanctuary for 44 Senior dogs, who’s ages are from 11 to 19, in Hartebeespoort Dam. This section of our work is run on donations only as there is no money coming in from adoptions.

Obviously older doggies need more support with specialised food and Veterinary Care.

In Gauteng, where our Head Office is, we deal with the majority of abuse, dumped and rehoming cases.

We are often called out to track or find a Yorkie when they have suddenly gone missing.

To date we have Yorkies from Yorkie Rescue South Africa living in Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Germany and Holland.