Dog Training Classes

Dog training classes with S.A. Dog Training College & Kennels will help with dog obedience training for your dog to be the best they can be.

We believe that dog obedience training is necessary to allow your dog to be an enjoyable asset to your family, providing you with protection and giving much love as only a well behaved dog can do. To prevent dog bites, especially attacks on children, all dog training classes are conducted in a humane manner, meaning that your dog will be eager to please you and your family.

This video is not photoshopped in anyway.

S.A. Dog Training College & Kennels was established by Chris and Christine Van Der Westhuizen, a couple which have always been and always will be dedicated to training dogs and teaching others how to encourage the best from their dogs. Contact us to book or for more info.

Kuier Magazine Article

Kuier Magazine Article