Dog Behaviour Consulting

Dog Behaviour consulting with S.A. Dog Training College & Kennels involves us reshaping your dog’s behaviour without force while you are there, so that you understand what we are doing. It is then your job to keep it in effect thereafter.

Most behavior problems are not obedience problems, e.g. tearing clothing off the washing line, digging, chewing, destroying the car, jumping on you/visitors/, running out the gate, etc. These behavior problems cannot be solved with force.

As a dog owner you make many mistakes of which you are not aware. You also do not realize you are actually compounding the problem. With the dog behaviour consulting we therefore re-shape your behaviour while simultaneously re-shaping the dog’s behaviour resulting in an all round improvement.

Once you understand the reasoning behind the shaping you will understand why you caused a lot of the problems too. When you see the improvement in the dog’s behaviour, you will be truly impressed and satisfied.

Dog behaviour consulting does tremendous amounts of shaping with aggression, nervousness, etc and have excellent results.

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