Buying a Puppy Advice

Are you considering buying a puppy? We offer buying a puppy advice where we can help you select the right breed of dog for your lifestyle.

This is an important factor which most people do not take into consideration when looking to bring a new puppy into the household. Once you’ve chosen your breed of dog, buying a puppy advice can also be given on how to choose the correct puppy for you / your family, to prevent future problems.

Tip: did you know that a puppy should not be removed from his mother before 7 weeks of age? This is a vital stage of his development, with the mother giving signals / discipline, etc. thereby preventing future problems.

A dog should never be picked for its beauty, strength, etc. only, you need to read up what it was originally bred for. Many breeds need plenty of stimulation and become destructive, etc if these needs are not met.

The gender of the animal is also vitally important as you will have serious mishaps if you do not know what sex to choose if you already have other animals. This often results in dogs being re-homed, euthanised or an owner/child being bitten.

The age of the puppy when you select and when you bring him home is equally important. Pups that are removed from their mother too soon (before 7 weeks,) can develop serious behaviour problems at a later stage. The reason for this is that while the pup is with the mother, she does all the disciplining of the pup at this age, and it has consequences if the pup is removed earlier than this, e.g. insecurity or aggression, are just two of the problems that can occur.

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