Sad news, Pogo passed away

Its with great sadness that we let you know that little Pogo unfortunately passed away yesterday morning. It was in a matter of minutes and he didn’t make it even to the vet.

Marco and I would just like to thank you and all the wonderful staff at the training college that were involved in Pogo short little life. You didn’t only teach him but us a whole bunch of valuable lessons.

We truly appreciate your interest and care for Pogo and we hope that one day in the future when our hearts are ready, you’ll be filling up a new little puppy’s cup.

Thank you again for absolutely everything!

It would’ve been his birthday this coming Friday and we would like to make a small donation towards the academy in his name in honour of his birthday.

We will be getting his ashes in the next few weeks and we plan on spreading them in all of his favourite places, and wanted to find out if we could leave some of him at the academy (we would completely understand if not possible).

Sending you a very warm hug and thank you again !

All of love, Marco & Claire – Pogo’s parents – Oakdene

Hi Marco & Claire,

Shew this seriously caught me off guard, sitting at my desk at work drying tears on my face.

My absolute deepest condolences on the loss of this epic young man. This is really a big loss and I suppose the only consolation is knowing he had the very best of everything, at all times. He was loved by so many and his presence was missed when he wasn’t at training.

Thanks for the kind words and we will only be too happy to share in another pup’s life experience, when you are ready.

We would be honoured to have a little piece of Pogo at SADTC permanently. The donation it totally unnecessary but please do whatever makes your heart happy, Romayne will send you details.

Wishing you guys lots of strength, please keep well and feel free to visit whenever you are ready.

Take care,

Hi Claire and Marco,

I am truly sorry for the loss of Pogo, it is never easy losing a special part of your family.

Pogo was an amazing boy and he will be deeply missed by all of us here.

When your hearts are ready to get another puppy, you are more than welcome to contact us for training and boarding.

It will be a great honour to have some of Pogo’s ashes with us..

Like Biata said you do not need to donate, as it was a pleasure to have Pogo with us.

Regards, Romayne.

Hi Biata & Romayne

Thank you for all your support and love, we truly appreciate it! Thank you for allowing us to have Pogo’s ashes being spread at the groups – it really made our hearts so happy!

Pogo definitely will live in our hearts forever, we are so grateful you both had the pleasure of meeting and watching our little boy grow.

As promised, in honour of Pogo on what is now his heavenly second birthday, we have a small donation towards SADTC. I hope this makes a difference in some way towards the college. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain how special SADTC is and the effect the college has had on our lives with raising Pogo.

Marco & Claire

Hi Marco and Claire,

Christine here, Chris and I are so sorry to hear about Pogo’s passing. It is never easy, we truly understand as we go through this with our own dogs, and also when handler’s dogs pass as well. Please know that we are here for you guys.

You will never replace him, but another pup will be a good suggestion, just don’t compare them as it is not unfair on the new pup. Keep the good memories with Pogo, and enjoy the pup with new memories that are made with him.

We look forward to having you guys back with us, you are part of the SA DOG TRAINING COLLEGE’s family now.

Kind Regards, Christine & Chris.