Personal Dog Training Lessons

S.A. Dog Training College & Kennels offers you personal dog training lessons that maybe a lot more helpful as your dog may be harder to control or more aggressive.

We offer this at our training school with just you, your dog and the instructor present. There is a lot accomplished in these personal lessons, as they are one-on-one lessons.

These are normally conducted on a day and at a time convenient for the both of us. The improvement is much quicker as you work intensively with only your dog in the session. This type of personal dog training lessons is also beneficial if you have a dog that is too strong for you to control, or has an aggression problem. It is also suitable for owners who do not have the time to do courses.

A marked improvement will be noticed after the first session, which means fewer sessions are required. You are not aware of it, but you are making a number of errors, compounding the problems with your dog. Once we teach you, you will be quite surprised at how adjusting your control of the dog, makes your life so much better.

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