Inboard Training (Kennel Training)

If you are interested in dog training, but don’t have the time or the inclination, we can do the training for you with Inboard Training (Kennel Training).

Your dog stays with us in our kennels and you can watch him in training at anytime. When you take him home, we will teach you so he accepts your commands and you also get a free lesson to truly understand all that has been taught. We offer obedience and protection if you desire.

Inboard Training (Kennel Training) is by far one of the best courses we offer. It is beneficial to you as we are doing all the hard work for you, and doing the behaviour shaping at the same time. Unless there are serious issues, most dogs only need a week with us. You are welcome to watch your dog in training, just contact us to check what time his training sessions are.

It is vitally important to know what behaviour you are working with and how to shape it into something positive. We have the dog and your best interests at heart, so we get the best out of him so that he is truly a pleasure to have around.

Inboard Training Success Stories

Testimonial from Shaun

Hi Christine

Just to echo what Samantha has said and to thank you for efforts invested in Hunter by yourself and team. We do indeed have a different dog as was promised and we are now building on what he learnt
Regards, Shaun

Training type: Inboard Training

Testimonial from Samantha

Hi Christine

The training is going really well. Hunter is responding to all the commands and he is an absolute charm. Matthew is unbelievable with him.


Training type: Kennel Training

Testimonial from Jenny

A progress report – Blue is behaving so much better, and is much calmer. He was so happy to be back home, and doesn’t leave my side –I think he missed us J.

I have been working with him with the commands – sit, stay, wait, down. He obeys 95% of the time.

I have taken him for walks as well. I take him with me on the school drop off run in the morning, and then walk afterwards. I think the car ride uses up some excitement energy, so he is a bit more relaxed when we walk.

On the walks he obeys commands mostly, but I have to repeat the command to make him sit next to me occasionally. (The treats don’t work – I think he is too distracted to bother with them). When we encounter other dogs I have made him sit next to me and watch them walk past. The same when we passed a gate with dogs on the other side – I made him sit and allowed him to watch them for a bit, and then moved on.

I think he has made real progress and am so pleased he spent the week with you getting the basics ingrained.

Best regards

Training type: Kennel Training

Testimonial from Samantha

Dear Chris and Christine

Thank you so much for training Nala this week. We went on a walk and up to the shops and she did so much better than before particularly with aggression to people. I was quite relieved.

Please send me the info about the three month class and any other training that you think would be appropriate or of interest.

Thank you again for your help.


Training type: Inboard (Kennel) Training

SA Dog Training College

Kennel TrainingInboard TrainingVader home now after attending training and kennels for 10 days while we were on holiday. We are so thankful to Chris and Christine and other trainers for all the hard work and effort they placed into Vader while on his summer camp.

We cant believe the difference in him. Loads more self confidence and less aggressive towards other dogs. Walking like a champ. Made a friend with a pug while on our walk yesterday. Mom and Vader will be joining classes from Nov so as to build Moms confidence up as well and learn what his learned.

We are so impressed with the training and facilities and the care and love they have in there hearts for all the dogs. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. Robert and Gail and of course Vader-pitty 2,5 years old.

Training type: Inboard (Kennel) Training

Testimonial from Dalena

Hi Christine

I want to thank you for training Simba, we began training the minute he came home (my cat even came over, Simba was on the lead) and he was mostly well behaved although he seems to fixate on the cats, but if I call his name or wave dry wors under his nose it works most times, but not always. Grace has walked around her garden without the rake, we have had strangers in the house and he has been as good as gold. He takes advantage of Grace at times but there has been a HUGE improvement so thanks once again!!

Inboard Kennel TrainingGrace is training Simba and I told her that she is going to have to eat up so that if he takes off down the garden with her she won’t become a human parachute! I am still training Simba every day as well and yesterday I had him on the lead in Grace’s lounge while two black guys and one white guy were in and out right in front of him and he behaved very well. He seems much calmer, maybe he likes humans to be in charge after all!

Grace said that when we left with Simba one of the girls cried too and one of the guys told me that he would love to have Simba! There is definitely something very appealing about the dog even if he is so frustrating at times. He is a lovely dog and to think that somebody was just going to chuck him out is unbelievable.

Thanks once again and see you soon.

Kind regards

Training type: Inboard Training

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